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Aqueous Update November, 2009

To our Sales Representatives and Distributors,

Kevin Buckner, Chris Halliwell, and Mike Konrad have just returned from Munich Germany.  Aqueous Technologies exhibited at the Productronica show.  How was the show you ask?  The best answer is "WOW"! 
We received three orders from the show (and it only ended last Friday).  We sold two Trident III's, one for Turkey (good job 3S) and one for Italy (good job Prodelec).  We also sold a Zero-Ion G3 to Italy (good job Prodelec) and we have another Zero-Ion G3 pending for Austria (good job Multi-Components).
Additionally, Aqueous Technologies won the 2009 Global SMT Award for "Best Cleaning Equipment" for the Zero-Ion G3.  That brings the total number of major industry awards to 32.  A record for the industry!
2009's fourth quarter is bringing in near record sales in almost all regions.  While I would hesitate to state that the economic slump is over, we are seeing increases in the majority of regions we serve.  One thing is for sure.  I expect 2010 to be a dramatic improvement over 2009. 
Michael Konrad
Aqueous Technologies
Productronica Photos
ProductronicaKevin Buckner (L) and Chris Halliwell (R) pose with Klas and Clas (our distributors from Scandinavia).
ProductronicaKevin Buckner (L) pose with our Israel distributor Ben Zion and his customers.
ProductronicaWorking the crowd!  Our stand was busy throughout all four show days.
ProductronicaOur Italian distributors (Prodelec) bring customers to the stand.
ProductronicaOur Italian distributors (Prodelec) close a deal on the stand with Chris Halliwell and Kevin Buckner.
ProductronicaMike Konrad and our distributor from Turkey Tolga Altune close a Trident III deal with a customer from Turkey.
ProductronicaKevin Buckner and our UK / Eastern Europe distributor Mike Nelson discuss sales strategies.
ProductronicaMike Konrad participates in a "Cleaning Debate"
ProductronicaMike Konrad participates in a "Cleaning Debate"
ProductronicaMike Konrad presents the Global SMT Award winning Zero-Ion G3 to "Global SMT TV"
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