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 Welcome to NamA WebSite 

NamA Electronic Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in April 1988 and is specialized in Electronic PCB Assembly Products and automatic machines in Korea.


For more than 20 years, we have devoted to provide the best quality equipment of Lab.Small & Medium SMT Assembly field.

As an agent of several famous German manufacturers, NamA has supplied various equip-

ment to customers.Not only its brand name but also economic, high performance, reliability and customer satisfaction are condition of selection.

NamA aims to become a reputable provider and to provide reasonable price on turnkey base.

NamA provides a full line of SMT production equipment such as high precision stencil prin-ters, high performance pick and placers, fully air convection reflow ovens, SMD parts coun-

ters and PCB cleaning machines.


We hope our customers feel satisfaction on our one-stop service.


■ Main item : SMT Assembly Equipment


■ Development of Factory Automation System 


■ Imports of SMT equipment from several German 

    manufacturers for more than 20 years 


■ Exports of component counter all over the world.