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Hight quality. Semiconductor. uBGA
Product name Vapor soldering
Manufacturer EXMORE
+ vs500
Technical information Vapor Soldering machine VS-500

● Concept
This compact yet versatile and powerful off-line Vapor Soldering System is capable of
soldering the most complex
SMT boards up to 500x500mm.
Every PCB will be soldered with the highest achievable quaility due to
The inert atmosphere created from the used medium
Incomparable △ T across the board
No operator errors possible

Error free soldering
De-soldering of components

Soldering PB-Free paste
Soldering PB-Containing paste
Glue soldering

Customer benefit
Solder profile setup (open loop)
Process setup is virtually eliminated
No operator errors possible
Completely different boards can be soldered in the same batch
Both PB-Free and PB-Containing boards can be soldered in the same batch
No damage to boards or components
First pass guranteed
Very low energy consumption in operation, pratically none during standby
No exhaust needed
Reduced maintenance time due to simple and easy maintenance
Easy troubleshooting due to service module