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N2(option). 3 ch Profiler. USB interface. Lab. QC
Product name RP-6
Manufacturer SEF
+ user Manual 2011' [Eng-Ver 2011]
+ catalog [ English-Ver ]
Technical information RP6

● Concept

Our batch oven RP6 is the newest model in the SEF reflow family. With its compact diemnsions, a max. PCB size of 300x200mm and its low power consumption it is capable of prototype production, small series production as well as component tests.

● Heating chamber
The heating chamber works with a mix of radiant heat by IR heaters and convection heat by radiators. Therewith max. reflow temperatures of 280℃-300℃ on the PCB are possible. An inspection window in the hood allows to observe the soldering process.


The operation of the oven takes place by a PC or a notebook (not included in the delivery) which will be connected with the oven by a USB interface. The provided PC software offers at a glance all relevant information like oven status, explorer window
for the selection of created profiles and a relevant information like oven status, explorer window for the selection of created profiles and a graphical display of the set temperature profiles.

The creation of the profiles takes place via a user-defined number of data points. For each data point you can adjust the temperature and the time so that a large number of profile variations are possible. Since it is possible to adjust the set profiles for the two IR heater fields (top front and rear) and the two radiators (sidewise left and right) seperately, an adjustment of the square profile to different PCB assemblies is also possible.

The RP 6 has an intergrated temperature profiler with 3 channels. The sockets for the connection are accessible at the front side of the oven. With the help of the provided thermocouple sensors the actual temperature profiles on the PCB can be measured and faded in the production window additionally.

This allows an optimal comparison between set profiles and real profiles on the PCB.
The optically available software "Mesy for Windows" allows the import of the actual profiles and a detailed temperature increase, max, peak temperature, time above ilquidus and so on.

After finishing the soldering process the drawer of the oven will open and two fans, intergrated in the drawer and continously adjustable, will cool down the PCBs to ambient temperature again.