Tem. Profiler 4~16 Cha
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The Benchmark in Lead-Free Profiling
Product name Tem. Profiler 4~16 Cha
Manufacturer Solderstar
Low Cost Lead-Free Profiling
  • Designed specifically to meet the demands of manufacturers and EMS providers requiring a thermal profiling system
    for daily use as part of an ongoing quality control regime, on a wide range of PCB assemblies, the SolderStar Plus
    package sets the benchmark for maintaining lead-free thermal processes under absolute control.
  • The SolderStar Plus package features the industry’s slimmest and most robust 6 channel datalogger. This easily passes
    through ovens with limited tunnel height and, even at lead-free processing temperatures, remains cool due to its outstanding heat shielding properties.
  • By combining the best thermal performance for lead-free processing with unique channel orientation and easy to use
    intuitive software, the SolderStar Plus sets the benchmark for today’s production profiling needs.
System Advantages
  • Industry standard 6 channel configuration
  • High lead-free thermal protection and rapid cool down cycles
  • Extensive oven and solder paste libraries aid rapid process set-up and optimisation
  • Professional software tools including profile analysis, documentation and simulation
  • Extendable for use with wave soldering machines
  • High quality, professional and robust
  • Battery recharge and data download via high speed USB