Waveshuttle Pro : 5ch. wave solder analyzer
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Product name Waveshuttle Pro : 5ch. wave solder analyzer
Manufacturer Solderstar
+ wave shuttle

▶ WaveShuttle Pro - for True Wave Solder SPC
  • Designed to work in conjunction with an existing SolderStar Pro temperature profiling package, the SolderStar WaveShuttle Pro is an advanced accessory that provides detailed analysis of all key parameters of the wave soldering process. By combining temperature profile capture and dedicated wave interaction measurement sensors in one easy to use active wave solder pallet, this unique tool allows manufacturers and EMS providers to easily and cost-effectively gain absolute SPC of their wave soldering process
  • Manufactured from high grade anti-static composite and fitted with durable titanium side rails, the active pallet incorporates an on-board high speed datalogger system dedicated to wave contact measurement from the titanium
    sensors installed on the pallet underside.
  • Temperature measurement, data storage and downloading are handled by the SolderStar Pro datalogger which can be
    quickly and conveniently connected via the SmartLink connection system.
System Advantages
  • High quality 10mm fixture provides a fixed robust platform for initial process set up, periodic checking and comparison
  • Underside titanium contact sensors give highest measurement accuracy on both main and chip wave parameters
  • Custom widths and sensor positions available for
    fixed width lines or special applications WaveShuttle Pro
    - for True Wave Solder SPC
  • Fully enclosed and protected datalogger and contact measurement system ideal for hotter lead-free processes
  • Dedicated Wave Central PC analysis software with product database and integrated SPC charting package