Lite_ 4 Type K Measurement Channels
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Product name Lite_ 4 Type K Measurement Channels
Manufacturer Solderstar
Low Cost Lead-Free Profiling
  • Providing high performance profiling on a limited budget, the SolderStar Lite package is designed for use in less demanding applications, such as lower volume production lines or profiling of simpler PCBs. It’s the ideal solution to
    the needs of smaller manufacturers faced with the challenge of lead-free processing or as an entry level or second system.
  • The SolderStar Lite package offers the ideal blend of measurement accuracy, thermal performance and ease of use
    required from a modern temperature profiling system, to ensure that the correct settings are established and maintained.
  • Featuring SolderStar’s industry-leading and high reliability 4 channel Neptune datalogger, PC analysis software and field
    proven lead-free performance, this system provides temperature profile novices and experts alike with rapid analysis
    and ongoing guidance information.
System Advantages
  • Ideal for smaller ovens or simpler PCB assemblies
  • PC-7530 compliant measurement on up to 4 Type K channels
  • Ultra compact datalogger and heatshield
  • Full lead-free protection and performance
  • Professional software tools for rapid profile set-up and test reporting
  • High quality, professional and robust