Mega Box
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8~72mm SMD tape Count.
Product name Mega Box
Manufacturer NamA
+ user Manual [Jan_2010]
+ specification

Detailed infomation


  The “Mega Box” SMD Parts Counter is specialized for the SMD Parts. It features its appearance of the suitcase which enables it to be carried to and used in any place and neatly stocked when it is unused.

* Semi-permanent counting sensor ( doesn’t require cleaning )
* Durable Aluminum suitcase
* A built-in 7A High powered rechargeable battery
  ( usable without external power supply )
* Simplified 6 main function keys
* A built-in printer port ( enhances effectiveness of work with
   a counting record on the label sticker )

* Easy fitting and removal of a reel on the counter in any part of the reel
* Adjustable Cam according to the thickness of the SMD reel
* Visible mark and light for the initial point
* Anti-static function and ULFCC. EC approved power unit


The “Mega Box” is an SMD digital parts counter that counts reels from 8 to 72mm.
It features the economic price and the portable aluminum box. Simplified six main function keys shorten the time to be familiar with the operation and allow zero error rates.

The “Mega Box” with 3 year warranty has gotten credit from worldwide for its durability and stability, and is ideal for an effective inventory management.
The suitcase style appearance makes it easy to be carried and stored in the storage.


1.   Digital Micro controlled innovational deign
2.   8mm ~ 72mm Reel Counting.
3 .  Automatic Pitch Device.
4.   Automatic Power Sleep mode
5.   6 Digits Digital Counting
6.   One touch SMD Reel setup
     [ Adjust height and ~ 72mm ]
7.   Low Battery Message and beep signal
8.   Label Printing Port.
9.   DC Re-charge able Battery [ 7A. Built-in ]
10. Accessory Box . [ DC Adapter. Handler ]
11. AC 110V ~ 220V. DC 6V Adapter
12. Handy Carriable SMD parts Counter [suitcase type]
13. Compact & Simple Deign SMD Parts Counter