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Product name i Mega
SMD only Moterized
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Manufacturer NamA
+ I'Mega
+ User Manual Apr. 2010 [Eng_Ver]
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+ baance table of function & Spec
+ I'Mega Smart Counter [14 Page]
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+ 2014' SMD Parts Counter Catalog
Parts Counter I-Mega Series

The "I'mega" series are designed as two different versions; one for the desktop environment and the other for the portable device which can be used anywhere

without AC power line.

The “I'mega” series share more upgraded functions compare to the previous versions

and have enough scope to be upgrade with more functions.


It can be run without being connected with power supply from outside because it has

built-in high-powered rechargeable battery. The “I'mega” series can mainly be divided two different versions; automatic motorized one and manual type.


More details are found in the “Specification” section, and the details for the manual type can be referred to the “Mega Box”.

Model Name
Main function
Mega Box 8Bit 8~72mm SMD Tape type
Manual counter
Built in Recharge
Option 1) Lable Printer
 i'Mega 32 Bit Auto Motor Control  
 i'Mega_S 32 Bit Auto Motor Control Missing parts
auto Detection
 Option 1) Label printer
2) Bar code handy scaner
3) Bar code Printer
4) Foot remote switch
5) Bulk Scale Counter

      ▶  Features

  • 32 Bit Digital Micro controlled
  • Easy Operation within 7 keys
  • High Counting Speed, 5,000pcs/ 30~40sec
  • Count 8~72 mm SMD Tape (No need to adjust the unit according to a SMD tape)
  • Auto Alignment by stepping DC motor control
  • Memory and print function for the result
  • Missing parts detector. (Option for the transparent or the black wheel)
  • Six digits display on the LCD screen
  • Bidirectional counting Set for the various model

    1. Edit the company name
    2. LCD contrast adjustment
    3. Beep Sound level adjustment
    4. Key light adjustment
    5. Input the date and time
  • AC100~220V / 50~60Hz (6V Extra Power DC 6V Connector)

        ▶ Pocket Check Detection Unit

Pocket Check Detection 8,12,16,24mm
Detection Unit (Options for Black)

The “I-mega” smart Parts Counter has a sensor that detects missing parts while it counts SMDs.

This function is applied to the both black and transparent tapes. The detection unit is powered by high technology to find a missing part without error and shows high accuracy rate.

Compare to other brands which have a detection unit for fixed size, the “I'mega” can be adjusted to 8,12,16, and 24mm and the knob for the adjustment is finely tuned.

The sensitivity of the detection unit can be automatically set, and this sensitivity adjustment is displayed in the LCD monitor.

When a missing part is detected, the user can select “stop” or “ skip”, and when the user select the “skip”, the missing part is automatically deducted from the total quantity.

 ▶ Interface Port






Back Panel Interface for Label Print etc.

The extention of the functions is another trait of the "i-Mega".

It is designed to be upgraded to have more improved functions in the future.

1. 2x USB Port - Bar Code Printer. Bar code Handy scanner
2. 2x RS232C Port- Dot Label Printer. Bar Code Handy Scanner. Bulk Scale
3. Foot Remote control Port ? Auto motor control by a foot
4. Extra 6V DC Power Port- Power supply can be connected when the
electro circuit inside is damaged

Custom sensor unit with a built-in " Logic Circuit "

The advantage of using this high-tech device allows greater accuracy even with high speed operation: this unit can detect missing parts even when it runs in the speed of 10,000/sec.

It performs bidirectional counting; it counts both positive and negative way.

Missing parts Detection function

The "I-mega"smart parts counter has a sensor that detects missing parts while it counts SMDs. This function is applied to the both black and white tapes.

The detection unit has an adjustable knob for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 24mm, and can also be adjusted for others sizes.

The adjustment is smooth and clear, and it allows the users feel comfortable and familiar with the machine immediately. The accuracy of the result is one of the most powerful features of the "I-Mega".




         ▶ i'mega Set Mode and Features

  • Stepping Motor control (DC 12V control)
  • Fast counting and upgraded function with 32 Bit PIC Control system
  • Easy Carrying, Compact Design, Semi-permanent aluminum box
  • Missing parts auto detection
  • Options for stop or skip when a missing part is detected.
  • Smooth knob adjustment from 8mm,12mm,16mm to 24mm.
  • Auto alignment to the pre-set value
  • Memory and printing functions for the counting result.
  • Adjustment of the brightness of the LCD
  • Adjustment of the volume of the Beep signal ( High/Medium/Low/ Off )
  • Options for the printer (Install/ Uninstall)
  • Input of the company name of the user
  • Setting for the date and time
  • 2x USB Port, 2x RS-232C Port
  • Memory of the pre-set value
  • Semi-permanent 25mm thick aluminum case
  • 110~220V Free Voltage.

        Data link Adapter ( ERP . MS Excel. other data interface )