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K33. 3 zone Reflow
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3 zone convection reflow. easy operation system
Product name K33. 3 zone Reflow
Manufacturer NamA
 K 33 Reflow oven has 3 Haeting Zone.  There are 3 heater in the up and below, you can set the different Zone's temperature.
Chamber's length is 950mm as there are 3 heating zone. Each zone could be control. The Air Convection is for each Zone Convection too.
This reflow could be used as the "Curn Reflow" when choose the OFF Mode.
Conveyor is the Mesh style and the finger conveyor should be ordered. 

  • Conveyor  Width : 350mm
  • Conveyor Height  : 27mm
  • Conveyor Speed  : 0 ~ 150mm 

The conveyor control use the Multi Turn VR Digital way and the speed is 0 ~ 150cm / min.
Conveyor's width is 350mm. when the device whic has been PCB Assembly is heavy or use the Fixture. The Mesh could help to prevent the wire to be bent. Because there are 2 center Rail Support Bar in the middle of the conveyor.
Use the LCD Touch Screen to control the Reflow, Set the each zone's temperature and the monitor color will change with the color. Everyone could learn and use this machine easily.
Temperature Profiler
This equipment has the temperature profile, You can touch the LCD Pannel to
get the real time termperature grapgic.
It could not memory/print the temperature profile data and if you want to get the data, the Mesy III should be bought.
Cooling Motor
There are 2 Cooling Fan Motor above the Conveyor, They are used for Cooling the device after the SMD PCB Reflow.

  Pb Free

  K33. 3 zone  Reflow Oven's  Heating Zone is  950mm and you can  control the each zone.

Max 300'c Hot Air Welding.

 Profile Unit
Measure,Analytic,Memory the temperature profile to display the real time data for spare parts and PCB Solder Land.
Set the time as year/month/day easily.
 Low power

K33 use the 220V single Power to face the low power.

Max 12A  Normal =3.5A.  No waste to the outside, Environmental Protection Equipment.

K33 . K55 



Work Area

  K 33
 K 33 use Element Heater way and use the Fan Motor to make the Hot Air go through the Heating Zone.
 3 Heating Zone.
* Lab & Small Reflow
* Spare Parts "Temp"   Belevable
* Conveyor Width: 180mm
* Spare parts Production Machine.
   K 55
 K55 has the same design with K33 and heat Chamber length is 1560mm  . 5 heater in above and bottom. 2 Cooling  Fans. 
 Same Heating Chamber  with K33
Safe Heating
  K33 . K55  Same Rules
  • Easy Operation as 3 Function Mode for K33 and K55.
  • Conveyor Width 350mm
  • Measure the devices in the  chamber via the built in Temperature Profiler.
  • Measure monitor the temperacure of the SMD in the Chamber. 
  • Preheating could be finished in short time to save the energy.
  • Use two steps heat-resistant material to stop the energy waste.
  • Use the Multi turn to adjust the conveyor speed.
  • Conveyor speed could be adjust from 0 to 170mm per Min.
  • Conveyor is Mesh and the Finger Conveyor is Option.
  • Chmber have 2  Top Door to resist the heat.
  • K55 Base cabinet is Basic supply. Could change to Desk Top.
  • Exhaust Fan Motor Basic Supply.
  • K33. K55 use same spare parts 
  • Power K33 : Single 220V   / K55 : 3P x 380V + N(220V) + PE
  1. Temperature profile sensor( Basic supply at first) Accessory
   2. Base cabinet.