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SMD. Axial and radial 4 in 1 type (2mm.4mm pitch dual count unit)
Product name Magic e
SMD.Axial & Radial
Manufacturer NamA
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1. Introduction

IMagic Counter is the most multi functional component Smart counter system in the Nama Electronics Korea to provide. This system has all in one system that can count for SMD, Axial & Radial components parts. And also, the functions are available to check the pocket of missing parts and the default system to scan and print a barcode.




2. Prodcut Summary


It provides easy operating system to able to control the PCB consists of and individualized of main board, stepping motor, interface port, keyboard as 32 bit control system basis.

The product which PCB designed and produced as SMD module was to improve the quality of the envirnment by PCB coating for durability. It has been designed both desk

3. Features


     1.  SMD, Axial and Radial : 3 in 1 counter

           ( 01005 inch componens counting : optional ) 

     2  Semi-permanent Stepping Motor 12V

         ( Against competing products use AC motor which need to be replaced periodically )


     3.  Pocket check feature ( Check missing parts / defect ( Black type only ) SKIP or STOP

          ( Against competing products don't have any height adjustment of the sensor )


      4.  Counting Memory feature

      5.  Edit company name feature

      7.  Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Lithium Ion Battery )


      8.  Free voltage 110V ~ 220V. 50/60Hz

      9.  Password feature


     10. 6 Keys Easy operation

     11. Supporint upgrade via connecting RS-232C or USB port ( in the future )



4. Counting Parts Range (SMD, Axial, Radial)


SMD tape type has function of Axial & Radial Dip type countable which has range of 8mm~72mm.

It can be also possible to mark a counting location by push a marking switch.



*When the needs of 2mm pitch (01005 inch parts) for counting, you can just rotate its counting adapter with 180'degree without any changing. (opt)




5. Auto Start 3 Key Function


1. Short Move

Press the 'START' key briefly. The motor will operate shortly.

This function is useful for additional counting for fowarding or rewarding direction. Only few components will be counted.

2. Auto Play

Press the 'START' key for 2 seconds. Then, it will move until preset Q'ty(setting value) or end of the reel tape automatically.

3. Auto Alignment

(Test or Demo)

If you press the 'START' key for 4~5 seconds, this mode will be operated automatically. At this mode, you can count the reel until preset Q'ty. Then, it also count to the first location automatically.

This mode helps to check the Q'ty several times automatically.

Please check the label of the printer will be printed automatically at the point of preset Q'ty if the counter is connected with the printer.


6. Pocket Check (Missing Parts Check)



This function is applied to only black color pocket type reel. ( Not transparent tapes )

The detection unit is powered by high technology to find a missing parts without error and shows high accuracy rate.


The sensitivity of the detection unit can be automatically set and this sensitivity adjust is displayed at the monitor.


Even though products of a different company don't have a function of height adjust of the sensor,  our products have a height adjustment of the sensor.


Therefore, you can check the missing parts of various height reel tape with NamA's components parts counter.



7. Barcode Scanner & Printer


     NamA's automatic parts counter has built input and output to scan and print barcode function.

     Output signal which include data of date, Q'ty and company name is came out from RS 232C port.

     You can use the this signal for management of stock inventories and data.



8. Accessories



       1. Dot ( Label ) Printer _ RS-232C type

        2. Barcode Printer ( Direct thermal / Thermal Transfer) _ RS-232C type

        3. Barcode Scanner (Optic/ Lazer) __ USB & RS-232C type

        4. Foot remote Control



9.   Back & Interface

      This parts counter Could use interface in application.


         It could charge the i-Pod and other mobiles by the 1A current from USB interface.


10. Indicator








Multi Function Power

LED Display (Red/Pink/Green)


2 x Control Monitor LED


1 x Power Light AC and DC


2 x SMD.Axial,Radial Indicator LED


3 x USB port indicator




11. Option


        1.  Pocket Check (Missing parts)-IMagic basic

        2.  Dot or Barcode Printer

        3.  Hand Barcode Scanner

        4.  Foot Remote Switch Panel

        5.  Data link Adapter ( ERP . MS Excel. other data interface )




*Product specification and features are subjects to change without notice.