Magic M/S 01005S=Motorized. M=Manual
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4 in1 Parts Counter, SMD,01005,Axial & Radial type. ERP. Excel Interface
Product name Magic M/S
S=Motorized. M=Manual
Manufacturer NamA
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+ 2014' SMD Parts Counter Catalog (Eng. Version)
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       l   2 mm hole Pitch 01005 Counter (op), new Magic 4 mm Apdater basic


NamA has been producing and selling since 1988.  This product is upgraded as smart function and design from Magic counter which sold over 25 years in Korea and abroad.


It can count  " SMD, Axial, Radial " also able to count even the smallest size "Chip 2 mm hole tape pitch"  It is able to count by exchanging counting adapter.


All functions have the same Key mode, interface function like i'Magic. Giga models, part of function is option. Every control board uses shared, so maintain would be more efficient. 


You can easily set up diversified functionality. Customer can choose convenient and enhanced features.





 SMD Pitch Set


 Memory ( Last counting )


 Printer Bar code or Dot


 Name of company for Print


 Date yy.mm.hh.mm for Print


 LCD Contrast


 Key Back Light


 Beep. Off/Small/Medium/Large


 Pass word for customer



"New Magic" Component Counter is divided two kinds of counters: Manual and Motorized way.


It is able to upgrade from manual to motorized way, can count 2 mm tape hole pitch (01005) by exchanging counting adapter.




Magic S


Magic M



Manual Counter



Motorized (~48mm reel)



SMD, Axial, Radial


2mm Hole Pitch (op)



Barcode Scanner / Printer


Last counting Memory

on LED Display


Free Voltage AC 100V~220V





There are two types of manual counting and automatism stepping motorized control.

It can be counts SMD 4 mm / 2mm(Adapter option), Axial and Radial parts counting, also guarantees up to 24mm tape when motorized counting.



More than 90% percent of SMD tape is 24mm SMD tape. It is offered a standard crank handle for 72mm counting such as connector, up to 24mm SMD Reel Tape for Motorized Counting (Torque power 2.2Kg). 


 l   Upgrade

The product is readily available to upgrade by downloading the data of improved function from website.


It can improve customization depending on customer's request and offers enhanced features to use the product by customer themselves.




l Count limits

This is counting 2mm. 4mm, 8~72 mm tape, SMD pitch is setting up to 4 mm~80 mm (20 steps).


It can not only mark the quantity but also print and last countting memory by automatic mathematical operations inside of counter.


It is available to " Barcode print " after counting; also label print is possible by printer.

You can be management of materials at warehouse will be more accurately and fast through this function.



¢ The main feature of this product is as follows.



         Data link Adapter ( ERP . MS Excel. other data interface )

                                      01005 Adater option ( Inc. Barcode Printer & Scanner port )