LED-LD812V4 head 15,000 cph
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Product name LED-LD812V
4 head 15,000 cph
Manufacturer Autotronik-SMT
+ AUTOTRONIK LD812V LED board production + Autotronik LED production line
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 o True "Vision on the Fly Alignment

 o Assembles LED boards up to 1200mm / 1800mm (opt) long in a single pass

 o Positive air puffing at the pick -up nozzle ensures release of 'sticky'
     LED components during placement

 o Large working platform allows multiply PCB production in one stage

 o Uninterrupted production by auto-selection for alternative when feeder is empty.





 oThe SMD placement machine LD812 has been specially designed for use in the LED PCBs medium and high production quantities . The machine supports the processing of printed circuit boards with a length of up to 1200 mm (optionally up to 1800 mm ) .


oControlled air surges at the pick-up nozzles ensure the release of the " sticky " LED components during placement . Using the auto- selection system can be controlled to alternate feeder for empty indents without interruption to produce . In addition, allow the feeder band connections to minimize production interruptions.


oHeavy welded frame ensure precise placement even at high speeds . The multi- head support achieved placement rates up to 15,000 / 18,000 ( 6 head ) Componets / Hour.


oThe model is equipped with an optical centering system that allows image processing directly on the placement head "Vision on the Fly" . Equipped with a dual conveyor system and intelligent software a high placement rate and efficiency in the pick -and-place process is guaranteed.




There are various models of Autotronik-SMT.






With same program, Autotronik machines can be used.

Unversal Cad conversion. Remote Control. Remote maintenance service are available.


There is fly vision camera under the head.
Therefore, fast placing and accuracy are possible.

You can choice 3 heads, 4 heads or 6 heads for the machine.



By using auto nozzle changing unit, you can place various parts with automatically.


We offer 16 feeder banks for 8mm with standard.


LD812 can place the parts into 1.2 m or upto 1.8m board in a time.


Two of high resolution teaching cameras help the work for quick programming and high accuracy.


Automatic adjusting conveyor width. Left and Right.


Electronical smart feeder



   실장을 위한 1.2m Stencil . LED Board.  Reel자재 들..


      기타 장비사진


   Feeder는 최대 600mm Reel  Big Size 장착 가능.



  LED . IC.  TR. 저항 등 다양한 부품 16 종류 Feeders 사용이 가능하다


   빠른 실장 작업


   Master key가 있어 프로그램 변경 시, Master Key  및 Pass word를 통하여 Edit

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