551-15 5 ZoneUpto 80% Power energy Saving
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Product name 551-15
5 Zone
Upto 80% Power energy Saving
Manufacturer SEF GmbH
+ 551.15 reflow oven
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The soldering system 551.15 is a new development made by SEF and combines the competence of more than 30 years in the manufacturing of reflow ovens with modern requirements regarding usability, low power consumption and interfaces for the communication with other devices.

The basic system is designed as a desk top model and is equipped with eight heating zones, 5 upper and 5 bottom zones.The heating zones emit convection heat with the help of hot air fans. The upper part of the heating chamber contains additionally a cooling zone and an exhaust hood at the inlet area as well as at the outlet area.

The transport of the PCBs follows via a mesh belt. The operation of the soldering system is done with the help of a modern 7 touch panel. A 1-channel temperature profiler is integrated to check the soldering profile. The necessary thermocouple is included in the delivery.

Here the cooling zone will be replaced by an additional heating zone so that the oven has 5 upper and 5 bottom heating zones. The cooling takes place by fans which will be mounted at the machine hood above the outlet area.

The soldering system 551.19 offers higher production capacities but same technical functions. The modular system has a basic design with 20 zones (10 upper, 10 bottom), which can be used as heating zones or cooling zones individually, for example 8 heating zones and two cooling zones.



l       Upto 80% Energy Power Saving

l      Easy and fast maintenance service via individual Chamber Module

l      Network. WLAN & Smart Phone Condition Dual Control.

l       Board & Parts Detection .

l       Component Monitoring.

l       Conveyor width 405mm.

l        Built in temperature profiler

l       7 inch Full Colored touch Panel.

l       Various interface : SMEMA . PC . & WLAN. WiFi (optional)

l       Individual reflow Painting.



551 Series Reflow

There are two kinds of 551 series reflow.

Functions are same but heating chanmber length and number of zone are different.



Heating zone

Chamber Length

Conveyor width

Dimension (L.W.H)


4 or 5 zone


/ 1,020mm


2010 x 790 x 550


8 or 10 zone



3400 x 790 x 1268






     Chamber Module 

551 Series Reflows have induvidual chamber method. Therefore, easy and fast maninternance service is available.






Varuous Interface Control

The operation of the soldering system is done with the help of a modern 7 touch panel. 

Additionally, 551 Series Reflow can be controlled via smart phone or tablet PC.




Other Data

Profiler data by Mesy profiler



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551-15  LCD Control Display 



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