640.20In line Selective Soldering
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Max 510 x 510mm Selective Soldering. Conveyor type
Product name 640.20
In line Selective Soldering
Manufacturer SEF

[Selective Soldering] 640.20

is a suitable selective soldering machine for small and medium volume production.

The 640.20 is a full-automatic selective soldering system for small and middle sized production lots. The system is operated with the help of a 7” tablet computer. The programming of the solder joints can be easily done by scanning  the PCB and marking the required solder joints.
The maximum PCB size is 510 mm x 510 mm.  The feeding of the PCBs takes place via a pin chain conveyor. Thereby the 640.20 can be used in batch mode (PCB feeding and discharge from the same side) or in inline mode (PCB is passing through the system).

A SMEMA interface is available for the communication with upstream or downstream devices.

A drop-jet dosing valve ensures the flux fill-up with high positioning accuracy. A light barrier is monitoring the presence of the flux stream. Afterwards the flux will be  activated with the help of a preheating module with quartz glass IR heaters.

The soldering is provided by a low-maintenance electromagnetic pump and wettable solder nozzles under the supply of nitrogen. The soldering nozzles are available with different diameters. The movable solder pot has a controlled volume of 10 kg. If necessary more solder will feeded automatically.
The soldering can be watched with the help of a camera and a monitor. A lamp pole shows the status of the machine.



  • Electro Dynamic Solder Pump without Moving Parts
  • Height Measurement of the Solder Wave
  • Offline Programming
  • Electrical Working Width Adjustment
  • Automatic Solder Feeding
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Status Message Lan or WLAN(op)
  • Remote Controlling via Smart phone or Tablet PC(op)
  • USB Interface