N925 Multi Group Cutter LED Tube Light
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Good for Inline System for LED Tube Light
Product name N925 Multi Group Cutter LED Tube Light
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+ 925 Multi V cutting + Operating





Product name  :  PCB V cutting machine, LED aluminum plate Cutter  Multi  group multi  Blade  V-Cutting Machine. 

This Multi Group Multi Blades V Cutting Machine,N925,has developed for effective cutting of Tube LED lighting PCB board.
It helps to increase the productivity of LED and provides easy operating.
There is no restrictions on the length of the board.
Minimum cutting width is 8mm.
it supports Max. 19 lines for cutting and max.PCB width is 200mm.
For cutting 4mm width, it can be made as a special order via rearrange the layer.
At that time, we ensure max.2T metal PCB board.
The blades are made in Taiwan with Japanese material and it's SKD 11 blades which is solid.
Part of the attraction is N925 can be connected with other inline system.
Furthermore, N925 can count amount of work done.



N925 / Control panel unit



● Specification




 N 925



 2160 x 570 x 1050mm


 Max Length of PCB



 Material of PCB

 LED Bar LED , Fiber Board, Aluminum Board,

and Special Plate


 Cutting Thickness

 0.2mm ~ 3 mm


 Min Cutt Width

 8mm 기본 ~      4mm (특수)


 Max Cutt Length



 Blade Material



 Max Group Q'ty

 19 Group



 300 ~ 500mm / S



 220V 60/50Hz 40 Watts (110V/60Hz)








Upper 2 /Bottom 2 blads for one layer (total 4 blades in a layer)

l  Adjustable the height of the blades.

l  Individually adjustable speed of the blades and conveyor

l  Digital LED Panel Control.



 The machine adopts the computer screen control with a counting device, which you can use to preset the processing production. And the space of cutting tool is visibleon the screen.


 It can cut many boards with multiple sets of knives work at the same time.


 The knife flywheel is adjustable as a whole from 0 to 3mm.


 The distance between knives is regulable as well, applying to PCB with width from 15mm to 20mm.


 The blade is made of imported SKH51 high speed steel material, which is durable and have a long service life.


 It is convenient to adjust the cutting speed through rotary knob.


 No limits of the cutting length.


 Thickness range of PCB : 0.2- 3.0mm.


 With a conveyor belt line, the separated PCB can be send out directly to reduce pick-and-place


 The machine adopts multiple blade to separate boards with simple operation and high efficiency, fitted for batch production



 Min.cutting width is 8mm.

(4mm available for special setting)


 Max PCB width size is 200mm, max 19 Arrays.

The gap between the v cutting guide and front layer is 120mm.

It helps to take PCBs position.


Individual fine tuning of blades up dawon left right side is available.


The outlet conveyor can be control the speed.

Therefore, the operator can control not to overlap prior PCBs.


Each step is operated by upper layer and bottom layer.
There are total 2 steps for cutting PCBs.
The blades are designed for durability which is suitable to aluminium and metal PCBs. 


The width between blades are adjustable via hexagon angles wrench.
By using special design of balde rataing unit, it is possible to change the model quickly.
Moveable blade unit will be adopted from 2015 05.



The great durable SKD 11 blades 

 The tower signal lamp is used to monitor the state of the machine.


 It is compact and adaptable design for every space of task.


Various PCBs are available.

LED aluminum plate cutter multi group multi blade cutting machine


 Before operation


  After PCB Cutting process



Other pictures.