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Product name RK31
3 zone Reflow
Special Glass Window
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 >> RK is Reflow Korea


RK Series reflow equipment is optimized and developed for “Lab. Small & Multi” reflow soldering work. As a representative European equipment among small reflow equipment, a company was established in 1972 and manufactures various SMD assembly equipment other than reflow. NamA Electronic provides RK series reflow to Asian region.

The RK Series is a vertical convection circulation method of full hot air convection equipment, which has good temperature and air flow efficiency and is capable of reflow soldering in a "lower temperature" state. This reflow is designed with simple and easy operation method so that anyone can use the equipment easily.

This equipment was selected as a low-carbon reflow equipment. RK31 model is a low power consumption reflow that can use single-phase power from a 220V single phase. This low-power equipment does not require equipment installation space and power boost.

It has a real-time temperature profile measurement function and shows the measured Soak - Melting - Reflow temperature section on the automatic calculation screen, making it more efficient. It is a desk top equipment that can realize high-quality reflow solderingh work.

>> The measured temperature data is displayed on the real-time screen and can be saved as Excel data through the USB port.

>> The profile file is saved as Excel format, and reflow soldering environment analysis management and application are possible in PC environment.

>> These functions are contributing a lot to Lab, QC, and industry-university-research center work.



USE : Lab, QC, and industry-university-research center, Component
development, small and multi product, LED , Curing, Rework,
Paint dry, Soldering Test, LED, module, etc.
   RK Series Reflow Models                               
Description RK31 RK41 RK51
1 Heating Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone
2 Operating LCD touch Controlled
3 Heating Chamber Length 860 mm 1400 mm
4 Max PCB Width 260 mm 360 mm
5 Inlet height 30 mm 30 mm
6 Max Temperature 300℃
7 Conveyor type Spring or Mesh Belt  Mesh belt
8 Hot Air Convection Direction Vertical Horizontal
9 Temp, Profiler 2 channel x Temperature profile Real time
10 Dimension(D.W.H) 1549 x 600 x 600 mm 2280  x 755 x 600 mm


70 Kg 160 Kg 180 Kg
12 Power 220V Single 3P x 380V / N


RK Series Reflow has 3 types of reflows, RK31/41/51. It is classified by the number of heating zone. As 4. 0 industry environment product, it is a reflow that can apply data about the reflow environment through USB and RS-232. By control conveyor speed and temperature, it can be used as a curing system.






                                             Desk top reflow / under cabinet (Opt)

 Reflow machine has three seperated heating zones(Preheating+ Soak + Reflow) and one cooling area. It adoptes vertical Full Hot Air Convection method and the special glass cover helps real-time inspection work. Chamber lighting unit can be selected (op). 

RK31 has spring belt system(Mesh-op). This spring belt is finger conveyor method. it is a small reflow equipment wider quality evaluation of semiconductors, precision parts, and R&D in a method that does not vibrate or shake or fine vibration than the finger conveyor method.

It is a machine that can measure, store and analyze temperature, and it saves data as an Excel file and analyzes it in a PC environment.



Chamber monitoring and inspection RK Series Reflow



Full Hot Air Convection.
Simple Operating- LCD Touch Screen Control.

Max. 300℃ Stable Reflow Soldering
Special Top Glass - Monitoring, Visual Inspection
2 ch x Real-time temperature profile Measure/Save/Analyzes

Temperature Parameter upto 10 memory
Automatic calculation temperature section display function according to melting section setting.

Automatic Power OFF for safety : auto off when the chamber temperature is below setting value. (80℃ is standard)
Over 320℃, automatic power shut down for safety
USB port Interface for saving temp.data and system update.

Titanium Spring conveyor belt system. Low vibration.
Forced Air Convecion Method - No heating shadow

3 color signal lamp(op)
Conveyor Speed Control(Stepping Motor- max. 1day for one cycle available)

RS232 interface Application - Connecting PC or other system
Emergency Switch

Lighting Unit in the chamber.(op)
Loader & Unloader Plate (op)
Single/Double PCB soldering available (using frame-not provided)


    Vertical Hot Air Convection Method 
N2 feature is optional.

RK reflow is a vertical convection method, and it is an equipment that can realize stable reflow soldering by minimizing the shaking of FPCB or light-weight SMD parts by using a hot air flow method from the bottom. Convection heating provides "No shadowing"& No hot spots.

RK31 reflow adopts Spring (Mesh-op) Conveyor method and it works up to a PCB Max width of 260mm. RK31's Top Window method provides the inside of the chamber monitoring. With special high-insulation material, it maintains the internal temperature of the equipment stably and is designed to prevent heat loss in the chamber.

RK31's Hot Air Convection is a vertical convection method, and it is an equipment capable of realizing high-quality reflow soldering of BGA, uBGA, PLCC, under-ball.

Excellent quick preservation and recovery against heat loss
Both sides of the chamber are designed with quadruple insulation, and it is an integrated chamber method without heat loss between the door and upper/lower joints of the door and chamber by vertical convection airflow, so there is no heat loss or heat shadow phenomenon.

It is an eco-friendly equipment that has excellent thermal resilience with an all-in-one chamber method and consumes very little power, and reflows at a much lower temperature than the IR system using recirculated hot air.



without N2 unit








Main Features


> LCD Touch Control Panel.
> Temperature Profile Sensor x 2 ch.
> USB Port, RS-232C, DB9 Interface.
 1.  LCD Touch Screen

RK reflow has touch screen control system, full color 3.8" "Simple and Easy" operating reflow system. Built-in 2 ch real time temperature profile shows current temperature at the screen. By install the sensor at the beside of main components, an user can use to monitor and check its real time temperature for high quality soldering.

>>  Password feature : Set each user type and prevent delete/edit program. Safety S/W management.

2.  Interface Port

1)  3.8" full color LCD Touch Screen :Based Linux system, RK31 provides stable system operating without PC. Easy Operating, Multi function mode reflow system.

2)  Temperature Profiler : 2 ch temp. profilers shows real-time temperature. Reference lines help to see each step(Soak-Melting-Reflow) easily. It provides automated computing step of temp/time data. Data can be saved at the storage stick as Excel format file. It can be used to analyze detail temperature at PC.

3) USB Port  : Saved temperature profile excel file at the USB stick can be used data application and printing data at PC.

There is a USB port for saving the measured profile to USB. USB port can also be used as a port for RS232 connection with the inside of a PC. There is a convenient DB9 RS232 port output. RS232 is used when connecting with other equipment and when you want to use the equipment control PLC.



 2. Temperature Setting Screen


 Ease of access to all parts of the machine ensures fast and easy maintenance. Managing information is quickly available and ancillary processes, such as glue curing are easily programmed.The RK re-flow systems are built to last and perform to the highest standards throughout their lifetime.

Program numbering and work information can be input. When input each setting value, it shows reference lines automatically at data loggin screen including real temperature.

The system shows melting step running time and temperature at screen on each step's setting value basis.

There are belt speed control and shut down buttons at the display. It can be controlled easily.


Keys at the bottom of the screen


> Profile - temperature profile data logging screen.
> Setting - detail setting screen
> Recipes - soldering programs


 2-1  temperature Profile       

RK reflow has 2 channel real time temperature sensors so that it can realize high quality soldering.

Depending on setting value, Melting & Reflow reference lines appears including each step working time and temperature automatically. It helps to analyze PCB or SMD components' soldering temperature environment and component damage.

Save Profile and Analyze 
Temperature Profile data can be saved at USB stick as Excel format. The excel file can be used for temperature distribution chart and applications. It usually used at Laboratory, QC, develpment team well.

 2-2  Chamber Monitoring & Inspection 


Viewing special glass cover allows visual inspection of reflow process.

By installation of camera, it can take video or pictures whole soldeirng process. This information is used for components/product development, analyzing specific temperature reactions.

 2-3   Conveyor Speed Control

At the screen, belt speed can be controlled. An user can change the belt speed depending on material, soldering type and process type. By using belt speed, RK31 can be used for curing.
  According to the process type, RK reflow select conveyor speed and direction. However, cooling location cannot be changed. This feature is good for dry process or other application, rework and so on. For detaile setting, please inform us in advance.

Minimum belt speed is 5mm/min.
In this case, it may need system update by USB port.

As the RK31 uses various belt speed, it can be used widely such as curing reflow and reliability reflow environment.

In the case of need long chamber, RK41 reflow is suitable more.

RK41 has 1400mm long chamber.


 Differences between RK31 vs RK41 (51) 

RK series has same features but has different chamber quantity and length. RK31 and 41 has same operating system but RK31 has 3 heating zone and RK41 has 4 heating zone.
For realizing JEDEC spec, RK41/51 work more delicate and various temperature than RK31.

RK41 provides more detail control at Soak, Melting step with various temperature value change. It means that RK41 is more helpful to relizes more delicate profile value.




RK 31

RK 41 (51)



Heating Zone

3 Zone

4.(5) Zone




LCD touch Controlled


Heating Chamber Length

860 mm

1400 mm



Max PCB Width

260 mm

360 mm



Max Temperature




Conveyor type

Spring Belt  (Mesh-op)

Mesh belt



Hot Air Convection Direction





Dimension. (D.W.H)

1549 x 600 x 600 mm

2280 x 755 x 600 mm




220V Single

16A / 3.6KW

3P x 380V / N




RK series can be divided into 3, 4, 5 zone models and has same operating system. Each model has different heating zones, 3, 4, 5 heating zones. More zones realize more various temperature steps and increase soldering quality so that JEDEC spec can be executed. RK series reflow has longer heating chamber than other small reflow system.


      >  RK Series reflow is Eco Friend Reflow System.
       > As a Eco friendly Reflow, it adoptes closed chamber system. By closing chamber and heat convection recycle, It saves energy up to 30% .

Chamber Monitoring and inspection window
A picture for reference, A monitor and a camera do not included.

Small and multi Product Reflow soldering








RK31 Manual(KR)



Heebko Excel File

Heebko PC S/W

* To read files, it may need password.
  Please contact to info@namasmt.com