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Magic e
Product name [Auto SMD Counter]
Magic e
Price 4 in 1 Component Counter
+ Setting mode






  SMD (01005), Axial & Radial Component Counting

  Missing Parts Detection

  PC connecting / Q'ty, Date, Time (op)










Magic e Counter is the most multi functional component Smart counter system in the Nama Electronics Korea to provide. This system has all in one system that can count for SMD, Axial & Radial components parts. And also, the functions are available to check the pocket of missing parts and the default system to scan and print a barcode.

Magic e products are 100% produced in Korea and provide high quality and durability. It has the ability to count 4 types of parts including SMD (+01005), Axial, and Radial parts in one counter.

You can check missing parts with the standard Pocket Check function.
In addition, a data link adapter that can be connected to a PC, a barcode scanner, and a barcode printer connection port are installed as standard.











Counting Parts Range (SMD, Axial, Radial)


1) SMD

SMD tape type can be automatically counted from 8mm to 72mm, and Axial and Radial support manual counting.





2) SMD 01005 (2mm Pitch) (op)

When purchasing a 2mm pitch adapter, it is possible to count 01005 parts with a 2mm pitch.
It is a good idea to purchase Magic e to respond to increasingly smaller parts.


*2mm pitch SMD adapter is optional and can be purchased separately
at any time after purchasing the product.




3) Axial & Radial

You can easily count axial and radial parts by simply lowering the counter unit.



For DIP parts, it has a push pin that can be marked to indicate the counting position after counting.






Pocket Check _ Missing Parts Detection 


This function is applied to only black color pocket type reel. ( No transparent or white color tapes )

The detection unit is powered by high technology to find a missing parts without error and shows high accuracy rate.

The sensitivity of the detection unit can be automatically set and this sensitivity adjust is displayed at the monitor.


Even though other products need to control the height by hands, our products have a height adjustment knob of the sensor.

SKIP/STOP two operating methods make an operator to check the missing parts more convenience.





How to Use 












       1.  Pocket Check (Missing parts)-Magic e basic

        2.  Dot or Barcode Printer

        3.  Hand Barcode Scanner

        4.  Data link Adapter ( ERP . MS Excel. other data interface )


*Product specification and features are subjects to change without notice.







     NamA's automatic parts counter has built input and output to scan and print barcode function.

     Output signal which include data of date, Q'ty and company name is came out from RS 232C port.

     You can use the this signal for management of stock inventories and data.





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