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Desk Top Coating machine. reasonable price. Spray coating
Product name DD-500
Manufacturer DIMA
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Table top dispense and coating robot DD-500
Dispense Master with camera + frame grabber

The Dispense Master is the successor of the legendary Dotmaster. New features like lines circles and fills make this the dispensing unit the industry has been waiting for. With the introduction of the Dispense Master we have made automatic dispensing available for almost every application.

The unit is based on a stepper motor driven X, Y and Z axis. These microprocessor controlled axes bring a dispensing syringe, or valve in position after which a precision timer activates the dispensing cycle, allowing you to dispense all kind of materials.
The unit can handle different dispensing valves and can also be equipped with a drilling head for the drilling of prototype PCB's. The Dispense Master is controlled by a MS-Windows based software that can run on a normal PC equipped with MS-Windows. The software makes it extremely easy to programme lines circles and dot patterns to operate the Dispense Master. A library with different dot sizes, line widths and a tools to import data from a CAD systems bring even more comfort to the user. A downward looking camera is used for pattern teaching, making it easy to create dispensing co-ordinates. Printed circuit boards are held in the Dispense Master by a magnetic quick change fixture. The optional ESI vision system can be used for automatic fiducial allignment.

Programming the Dispense Master is extremely easy. First the programmer points out 2 reference points on the product,
then some test dots can be selected and taught. A library of dot sizes with a cross reference to the packages makes selection of dots a simple job.
In one operation several different dot sizes can be used. Change of dot size is done by changing parameters in the software. When a dot type is selected you only have to point out with the camera where to place the dot. Functions like fixed step, step and repeat and free trackball movement make programming extremely easy. For multiple PCB's, one PCB has to be taught after which you only have to tell the Dispense Master where to repeat the same PCB again. For lines circles and fills there is a library containing different geometric shapes and line thicknesses

Using the DIMA CAD conversion software brings programming of dots on a large PCB back to several minutes.