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Coating Nozzle In-line work with 4 axis
Product name HC-200
품질보증기간 1 year
+ HC200-Humiseal UV40

4 + 1 axis robot HC-200
Dispensing and Coating 4+1 axis
The HC-200 Robot is equipped with an X, Y, Z and F axis.

The 4-Axis robots can handle up to 4 different tools. Tools can be dispense valves spray valves grippers etc.
They have to be mounted onto a valve mount. Tools and valves can be configured outside the machine and can be put onto the robot as one unit. The 4 axis robot comes with a camera on the Z axis, computer with DIMASOFT user software, a base for up to 4 valve mounts, one electronic pressure sensor for the mains air supply, a sensor for detection of exhaust air and illumination inside the machine.

Both robots can be configured as a batch or in line machine and can be reconfigured in the field at any time. Several work holders are available.

All units use the DIMASOFT user interface in combination with the built in CCD camera. Special tools in the software like component library for dispense points and special coating teach tools make sure that programming is done quickly. To programme boards or to manage the data the software can be installed free of charge on another computer. Fiducial alignment software is available as an option.

To complete the configuration you have to decide on which valves you are going to use, how many different materials you have, in what quantity you want to put them to the machine, what you want to monitor, how you want to handle the product and if you want automatic alignment of the product.

The machine is equipped as standard with PE material feed tubes.
Other material feed, grippers or special pumps are available on request.