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Best selling model in Korea for over 18 years. Cleaning-> Rinse->Drying
Product name 2000uP
Manufacturer NE
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+ user Manual [before 2005' ]
+ user Manual [After 2005' ]
+ Installation & lay out Diagram
+ Fault Handing Message
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+ clenaing Powder_ Liquid Idea
+ user Manual [Eng/Ko Ver] 2009'
+ PCB Cleniang machine proposal
+ Material-Safety-Data-Sheet

Microprocessor cleaning system, water based with turbo drying
Cleaning effect: Very good because. More than Mil-spec for cleaning.
Universal PCB Water Cleaning by the Microprocessor controlled

4 standard wash programs.
Program of individual wash programmes(can be stored)

- Time an temperature of the cleaning process.
- Number of rinses.
- Time and temperatature of each rinse.
- Time and temperature of warm air drying.

Programme indicater and instruction manuals are in the format of a 2 x 16 Dot Matric display. (here it is possible to get the user instruction in English. French.etc.).

Wash Report via RS-232C interface.
Automatically chooses the quantity of the liquid components requied for the desired cycle. An indicator provides a pureness control for the water of the last rinse befer dischage. (conductivity-Measurement).
Flux residues are completely removed.
Solder joint and components are not effected.
The Cleaning is completly removed after the cleaning process.
The Cleaning result exceeds MIL-STD-2000 by a factor of 3 ~ 4.

Product Feature
Cleaning : Various alkaline cleaning are available.
Please let us advise you.

Cleaning Method : Spray (Dishwasher).
Cleaning effect : Very good because.
-. Flux residues are co,pletly removed.
-. Solder joints and components are not effected.
-. The cleaner is completely removed after the cleaning process.
-. The cleaning result exceeds MIL-STD-2000 by a factor of 3-4.
The follwing is

Removed without residue: Rosin-based fluxes.

Water-Soluble flues.

Drying Method : heat Air cleaned of a fine particle filter is blown into the system chamber where it absorbs moisture and dischages through the heat recovery system.

Air temperaure at inlet to machine chamber : 100'C Max.

temperature inside chamber : 80'C Max.

Duration of warm air Drying : 0.1 ~ 4 hours adjustable. (0.5 hours are recommended).

Technical Information
The water is warmed in a through-flow heater so that there is no inconvenient heater inside the chamber. The water protection system and the floor tray eddectively prevent any leakage of water. They ensure effective protection agaist water damage.
A very low noise level is achieved through comprehensive 6- sided all round sound insulation.
Convince youself of the cleaning quality of our systems.
We shall be pleased to see you on our premises for practical demonstration. or you can send us a few circuit boards for a trial. cleaning.

In order to monitor the purty of the final sinse water its conductivity is measued inthe machine and indicated on a display. When an adjustable limit has been exceeded the programme sequence is intrructed and ther as an alarm.

Automatic dosing of liquid cleaner using bulit-in dising pump.
(A second dosing pump can be supplied as Optionnal.