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High Speed Counter, 5,000 pcs Reel Lees than 30 ~40 sec. ERP. Excel interface
Product name Mega
SMD only
Manufacturer NamA
+ MEGA + Mega Counter + How to use
+ How to clean a counting unit
+ Mega-X English Manual
+ Catalog [ Eng-Ver ]
+ Balance table of Magic+ vs Mega x
+ 2014' SMD Parts Counter Catalog










Mega Counter is a Digital Parts Counter for SMD type components and adjustable for 8~72mm chip devices. This is one-touch mode that is very easy to enumerate to everyone. We pursue "Error rate by 0%" and offer good quality of  3 year free warranty.

A Label Printer comes with the Mega :


 Printing out : 

 1) Company nama

 2) Data, Time [YY/MM/HH/MM]

 3) Count Q'ty




 Specification for Mega

  1. Digital Micro-Controlled : Easy operating
  2. 0201,1005. 8mm ~72mm all type of SMD devices available.
  3. Beep signal as it finish working
  4. Speed : 10,000 pcs/sec (by high Qualified custom sensor)
  5. SMD Pitch Program. ( Automatic program transaction )
  6. Auto Sleep Mode
  7. Non-necessary arrangment for device width "One Touch Reek Clamp"
  8. Label Printer : Company name/Date/Time/Qty ( built-in Clock unit )
  9. Accessory : Handle for Operation
 10. Dimensions : 780(L) x 230(W) x 130(H)mm







 Simple Function Key  

Easy and Accrated Counting



 Direction / Bi-direction Counting



Semi-permanent Aluminuim Material



Detachable Left/Right Arms



 LED initial Mark

Starting Point / Ending Point



Pitch Guide for SMD device SET



 Anti-Static Connector Plug



 3 Year Free Warranty




Tension Control



Stable SMD Reel Counting

No deviation





Label Printer


Data link Adapter ( ERP . MS Excel. other data interface )