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uBGA. 0603. 벌크부품.Flip & SCP Chip작업가능 6400 CPH
Product name BS392V
Manufacturer AutoTronik-SMT
+ BA382 + Dispenser feature + Cut Strip Tape Holders
+ Catalog_BA382V2
  • High Accuracy, High Flexibility for 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm),SOIC,PLCC,BGA,uBGA,CSP,QFP (0.3mm pitch)
  • Smart Feeder ID system provide fast set up and easy programming
  • Suitable for small & medium volume production
  • Vision On the Fly Alignment System
  • Bottom Vision Alignment System for fine pitch QFP & BGA
  • Built in Camera System with Auto Smart Fiducial Mark Learning
  • Dispenser System
  • Tray Handler access up to 14 waffle Trays
  • Up to 6400 cph
  • Windows 2000 Software
  • Universal CAD Conversion

    Product Information


    Strong & Rigid Structure
    BS391 using heavy duty and high precision Linear Ball Rail system to provide strong, rigid and long life time mechanism.

    Non-Contact Linear Encoder System
    By using closed loop DC-Servo with non-contact linear encoder system, provide extremely high repeatability (+/-0.01mm) and stability.
    Non-Contact Linear Encoder System
    Vision on the Fly Alignment System
    Vision on the Fly for most SMD components from 0201, SOIC, PLCC & QFP
    Vision on the Fly Alignment System
    Dispenser System
    Optional stand alone dispenser head for adhesive & solder paste dispensing. Suitable for quick, small volume production without making stencil. With the MT-2 micro dispensing system ,QFP IC pad also can be dispensed for quick sample making.


    Flexibility Fiducial Mark System
    Circular, Square solder pad or even a plated through hole can be use as a fiducial mark for recognition.


    Circular solder pad square solder pad plate-through hole
    Circular solder pad square solder pad plate-through hole


    Vision Alignment System
    Optional Extra Vision Alignment system for 0.3mm fine pitch QFP, BGA,uBGA& CSP




    Programme can view
    After finished programme, User can view the veracity for Pick&Place


    PCB Overlay Feeder Overview
    PCB Overlay Feeder Overview
    Automatic Tape Feeder:
    8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm tape feeders available for Model BS391V
    Half step (2mm advance) feeder also available for 0201/0402 component.
    Automatic Tape Feeder:
    Universal IC Tube Feeder:
    KFTB universal tube feeder combine with vibration and belt driven technique, provide the best driving for different size ICs at the same time

    KFTB-2 (10pcs of 8mm tube)
    KFTB-4 (20 pcs of 8mm tube)

    Universal IC Tube Feeder:
    Flexible Waffle Tray Station
    Up to 4 Waffle Tray can be installed. Bulk pack component also can be handle under semi-auto mode.
    Tray Bulk pack
    Optional Conveyor System:
    With the option of CY-3V virtual 3 stage conveyor system, it can link with other machine for in line production.
    Optional Conveyor System:
    Universal CAD Conversion
    Besides the direct input of data by teach-in camera. An optional Universal CAD conversation software WCAD is available for direct transfer of CAD generated pick & place data.
    Buffering Nozzle:
    Buffering nozzle can automatically adjust the placement pressure for different height of component. Safety protection for careless mistake during programming the height of component.
    Buffering Nozzle


    Vision Inspection:
    With the built-in software, user can manually check the component placement, solder paste.


    Tray Handler System
    Optional IC tray handler system can access up to 14 sets of waffle Trays automatically.


    Remote Service Kit
    Optional Remote Service Kit provide remote access the machine by Internet, so that programming, calibration and service can be done by our worldwide remote service center.