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Vertical High Precision Plane Screen Print Machine
Product name PS6575K
Manufacturer NamA
Vertical High Precision Plane Screen Print Machine

- High precision plane screen printing of Single-sided printing board, flexible printed board, rigid-flex printed circuit, EL, green oil.
- High precision plane screen printing of Paper packing, water gage, transfer and pad printing, advertisement.

1. Vertical structure. Screen frame goes up and down vertically; printing head goes left and right.
2. Printing frame drive - Cast aluminum alloy cross bar, high precision linear axial guidance; Frequency convector drives printing blade frame.
3. Printing platform - Stainless steel printing platform, in which evenly distribute vacuum absorbing orifice.
4. PLC integrated control, whose circuit is composed of imported electric and pneumatic components.
5. Frequency system drives the printing blade frame .Photoelectric eye control the printing travel, and it should be adjusted independently.
6. Taiwan made Deceleration apparatus drives the screen frame to move up and down steadily.
7. Stainless steel printing platform, on which evenly distributed absorbing holes.
8. Vacuum pump, auto vacuum absorbing, ensures accurate multi color overlap
9. Platform equipped with micro knot in horizontal dimension and vertical dimension, so it is convenient for the color register.
10. Independently designed printing head, so the assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the ink scraper/ink reclaiming blade and screen plate is convenient.
11. Ink scratching angle is adjustable(0~35°).
12. Manual/Semiautomatic/automatic printing mode set, with digital controlled printing time range: 1-9 seconds.