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Pb Free, Air Convection. USB Interface. LCD Monitor or NoteBook) Stand
Product name 548-04G
Manufacturer SEF
+ 548-04 new
+ user Manual [Kor. Ver]
+ user Manual [Eng. Ver]
+ Controller Manual
+ Heating Chamber Manual
+ How to Reuse Bi metal Fuse
+ How to replace motor bearing [SEF]
+ How to fix a conveyor Gear
+ Sevice Manual for Distibutor 2011'
+ EPROM Program 548-04G V.211
+ 548-04G Eprom Program ver 3.3
+ Sosy interface driver - RS232 to USB

Reflow Soldering System - Forced Convection
548.04 G - Desk model with a grid belt conveyo

Low Price. Innovation high Quality "Reflow Soldering System".

The Soldering System 548 series high quality Reflow Soldering with infrared radiation and Hot Air forced convection in one unit. The IR process allows short processing times while the convection process times responsible for favourable heat component the ratio convection/ raiation can be adjusted individually.

The soldering system 548.~ Series operated with a
Hot-Air forced convection.
This allow gentle and even heating of the component and slderingwith a hort peak time. As soldering systems are easy to handle and variable in their application. Whether small and medium series production. the desired working width can be seleted depending on the specific project.

Operating and programming panel. All parameters for transportation speed. preheating and peak temperature can be set here. All parameters and menus are display easily readable at the
LCD display also in Grappic mode

Lab. Small & Medium Production

The reflow soldering system 548.04 high quality soldering with Infrared radiation and Hot Air forced convection in one unit and The 548.04 has the same wll known features as our IR-Forced convection soldering system and is really suited for Laboratory ( R & D ) use and small series production. As detail Technical data below.

▶ Built-in "1 parallel printer port" and Exhast Air-Box.

▶ Principle of heating chamber
The heating chamber consists of two zones a prsheting and a peck zones. The air, Heated by heating elements is fed in the peck zone against the transportation direction and sucked in again in the preheating zone. A proven nozzle system prevents that the components will be blown away. The medium transportation speed is 25 cm/min.


Technical Specifications

  • length plus 210 mm for discharge unit : approx. 1000 mm
  • width : approx. 600 mm
  • height : approx. 500 mm
  • weight : 65 kg
  • working width : 180 mm
  • length of processing chamber : 600 mm
  • transportation speed (typical) : 10 - 60 cm/min,
  • approx. 14 cm/min
  • feeding height : 40 mm
  • power supply : 3x 16 A CEECON, 230 / 400 V (Change star / triangle is possible on request)
  • heating power max. : 6,8 kW
  • exhaust-air volume : 180 m³/h
  • interfaces : 1 USB 1.1 (only slave operation)