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5 Zone Heating. eco frindly reflow oven.
Product name K55. 5 Zone Reflow
Manufacturer NamA

K 55 Reflow oven has 5 Haeting Zone. Up 5/ Down5
Heater and you can set each Heater Zone's temperature.
Heating Chamber's lenght is 1560mm and there are  5 Zone which could be 
set alone. You can see from the LCD Screen,you can set the color will change
 or you could choose Beep voice.
There is the same Air Convection for each zone,
There is a Fan Motor to help exhaust the smoke happened when welding.
If you choose OFF Mode for K55 Reflow's Convection Fan Motor,
You could use this machine as Curing Reflow.
The Conveyor is Mesh, the max wide is 350mm, To prevent the heavy board
fall to the low place, There are 2 center rail supporter.
You could adjust the Conveyor speed by Multi turn VR,
the speed could be 0 ~ 150mm/min
You can see this kind of adjustment via digital display and make the
conveyor on or off by the swith.
     Control Information


Conveyor type


Mesh Finger (op)


Conveyor  Width




Conveyor Height 




Conveyor Speed 


0 ~ 150mm per min

You  can do control the reflow via the LCD touch screen.
If the temprature arrive in the setting temprature, the Monitor color will change
Everybody could learn and use this machine easily.
Temperature Profiler
The profile program has been built in the K55 reflow. You can touch the profile
Symbol in the LCD Pannel to draw the real time temprature Graphic.
But these temprature profile data could not be save or print, If you want these data,
You should buy Mesy III.
Cooling Motor
There are 2 PCB Cooling Fan above the Conveyor in the end of the machine.
They are used for cooling the device after SMD PCB Reflow work.




Pb Free

K55. 5 zone Reflow Oven's Heating Zone is 1560mm

and you could set the temprature for each zone. Max

temprature is 300'c amd use Hot Air Welding way.

Temprature Profile Unit

Measure,analyze the temprature Profile , the System, has been built in. Desplay the real time data and the PCB Solder Land parts' real time temprature.

You could set the year/month/time easily.

Low power

K55 Power use 3 phase x 380V + N ( 220 V) low power to work.

Max 16A Normal =4.5A and has no waste for the power.

It is the Eco product for you to use.